Tuesday, 20 March 2012

90s songs that haven't got old yet

It doesn't matter how much you love or hate the 90s, the fact of the matter is that 90s music rules. Every one of these songs is very, very 90s, whether it was on a movie soundtrack, by an iconic band or by a not very good band who made quite a nice cheesy song that everyone liked (and still likes) to dance too. 90s songs seem to have some sort of magical power to never get old and rubbish, and provide a safe nostalgic couple of minutes for us 90s kids.

There are SO many songs I could have chosen from, but I've somehow managed to narrow it down to fifteen (and in no particular order either, I couldn't possibly choose). For me, these 90s songs haven't got old yet, probably never will, and I'm pretty sure they'll be on my iPod (or one click away on youtube) for a good while.

Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers

One of their best songs and also inspired a pretty good cover version by All Saints.

Don't Speak- No Doubt

Catchy but not cheesy, allegedly written about a break up between two band members and a video featuring Gwen Stefani rockin' a lot of polka dots. Love it.

Coffee and TV- Blur

Classic britpop favourites Blur and the cutest lost milk cartoon you've ever seen.

Don’t Look Back in Anger- Oasis

More amazing britpop from Oasis at their peak.

S Club Party- S Club 7

It's S Club 7! I don't need to say any more than that.

Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden

Everyone in the world probably knows the lyrics to this. Good, they should do.

My Favourite Game- The Cardigans

You know those Greatest Road Trip Music Ever! type albums? This should be on every one. Also, I wouldn't mind driving around a Californian desert in a convertible.

Come As You Are- Nirvana

You can't have a list like this without a bit of Nirvana on it. Plus, this is one of their best songs.

Creep- Radiohead

Another one everyone knows the lyrics too. Also, RADIOHEAD!!!

Bittersweet Symphony-The Verve

Watch the video! The main bloke walks down the street bumping into everyone and they get really annoyed but he just pretends they're not there.

Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden

If you've never heard this song before, please do it now coz it's really, really good.

Alive- Pearl Jam

Some more grunge. Grunge was the best.

Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters

Not only is the song pretty good, the video is HILARIOUS.

Ironic- Alanis Morissette

She may have got the meaning of the word 'ironic' wrong, but this is still a lovely little song. Plus, Alanis rules.

Buddy Holly- Weezer

I love this because it's like they're in Happy Days with The Fonz.

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