Thursday, 9 February 2012

The tamagotchi

Do you remember the tamagotchi? The instant pet that required no cage cleaning, no hairs sticking to the furniture, and no messy little 'surprises' left on the carpet? In other words, a parent's dream. However, the one thing our old folks didn't bank on, was just how real our disappointment would be when our little electrical pet died. Which was a lot.

Yes, if you didn't constantly feed, play with and look after your tamagotchi when it was sick (yes, they sometimes got sick), then your pet wouldn't go through the next stage of growing up and would ultimately die. Seeing as trying to keep one of these alive required round the clock supervision, they were banned from schools. Teachers, already fed up with the usual 'can I go to the toilet Miss', clearly didn't have the patience for , 'Miss, can I go and feed my tamagotchi'. Obviously, this led to the poor little tamagotchis being neglected even more.

If you didn't look after your tamagotchi right, they would grow up to be bad little tamagotchis.

One thing's for sure, there's no denying that tamagotchis were cute. I say bring 'em back. They were fun, great company and came in all different colours!

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