Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Toy scooters

Toy scooters, or 'kick scooters' which is apparently the official name, were pretty hot stuff back in the late nineties. For about a year or so pretty much every kid had one of these. Even quite a few adults had one. That is until like every good fad, they disappeared into obscurity never to be seen again.

However, unlike many good fads, they were actually useful. For the window in time in which these things were in fashion they were the ultimate tool for getting out of walking, but still getting exercise. And what's more, the exercise was fun! Parents capitalised on this of course, making sure the scooter was used to and from school, on trips to the supermarket, and on long, long, long family country walks.

Something about the design of the scooter screams millennium. Sleek, silver and different from anything else, they were very much a product of their time. Which is probably why they've come and gone. However, seeing as they were less hassle than a bike, lightweight, compact and eco-friendly, it's hard to see why these scooters ever went of fashion. Surely they'd be perfect for the city professional getting around town?

Err, perhaps not.  


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