Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Were you a 90s Child?

Did you spend Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching Live and Kicking? Drink milk from a cartoon at school break time? Dance around at school discos to The Spice Girls? If the answer's yes (or at least yes to the first two, if you were too cool even then to listen to The Spice Girls), then chances are you were a 90s kid.

It could be argued that the 90s, on the whole were a great decade. The big hair and over the top rock of the eighties was well truly buried, and the noughties hadn't quite arrived yet with their bombardment of mindless reality TV shows. The 90s were different. On their good days they had a bit of taste. Legendary bands were formed, classic TV shows were made. The Teletubies was first aired! (see, even the cheesy 90s stuff was pretty good).

But possibly the best thing of all about the 90s, was being a 90s kid. We had it good. And even if we didn't, how would we know any better? We were kids, anything involving action and bright colours was good.

This blog is 100% unashamedly committed to bringing you anything 90s related. Whether you were given it for Christmas, remember it from after school TV, or were staying up waaaaaaaaay after your bedtime, as long as it's from the 90s, you might see it on here.

Note- In recent times, whilst being firmly rooted in the here and now, I have also become somewhat preoccupied with the 90s. My screensaver is from Dawson's Creek. Nirvana is playing on iTunes. I just rented Urban Legend. (I am just too cool, people) I'm also bored. So this is the result...

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